Patient Testimonials

"Great doctor and staff! The staff is excellent so nice to me and helpful and Dr. Stewart is very good. He spent time with me and [he's] very detailed. He didn't just rush me out of the office."

"Dr. Stewart saved my life. I had a fast growing abcess in the back of my throat . It cut off my ability to swallow water or food. If left alone it would have stopped my breathing. He did emergency surgery on me. I was able to leave the hospital the next day. He explained everything to me before and after the surgery and set up a follow up to check me. Any problems that I may run into in the future I will go back to him . The man saved my life. To me it doesn't get better than that."

"Great Experience! We were seen immediately though we had never been before. The nurses were so helpful and Dr. Stewart was quick and funny. I am so thankful!"

"Five Stars! Big thank you and very grateful to Dr. Stewart and his staff who promptly treated me."

"The most pleasant doctors visit I've ever had. The staff was helpful, courteous, and went out of their way to make my experience as effortless as possible. The doctor that did my procedure explained every step as we went along, no surprises."

"The staff was very accommodating with me and I felt that everyone truly cared! Dr. Stewart treated me like family and left a wonderful impression. Happy to be a patient here!"

"Been to multiple ENT doctors in the area and none of them were as thorough as Dr. Stewart. He walked me through my scan, showed me the inside of my nose and most importantly gave me some real solutions! Highly recommend."

"Dr. Stewart was so kind and extremely thorough in explaining what was going on with my sinuses! I left my appointment feeling educated and excited! The staff was friendly - they definitely are about their patients!"

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