Balloon Sinuplasty

Now you can breathe easy without the pressure and pain that comes from nonstop sinus infection symptoms.

Sinus issues are a daily struggle for millions of Americans like you, but lasting relief is possible.

Traditional sinus surgery involves hospitalization, anesthesia, and extended recovery. These important factors have influenced more and more patients to seek better solutions. They are looking for solutions that are less invasive, have reduced risk, and lower out-of-pocket costs.

Across the country, one of the most popular solutions for those seeking permanent relief, and for whom the OTC medications did nothing, is called Balloon Sinuplasty. Balloon Sinuplasty, also known as Balloon Sinus Dilation, is a safe, highly effective and simple office procedure that permanently enlarges sinus openings WITHOUT removing bone or tissue. Performed by Dr. Stewart, the procedure places a tiny sinus balloon where your sinuses are blocked. The sinus balloon is inflated, deflated and then removed, allowing proper airflow to return to your sinuses.

Balloon Sinuplasty has a quick recovery time and patients are back to activities and a life that they enjoyed before their sinus symptoms began within a couple of days. This includes exercise, normal body movement, and restorative sleep.

How does Balloon Sinuplasty work?

Locate - Balloon Sinuplasty procedure


Dr. Stewart will use topical anesthetics to numb your sinuses.  He uses a specialized endoscope to locate the treatment area and place a catheter with a very small balloon on the end.

Dilate & Restore - Balloon Sinuplasty procedure

Dilate & Restore

The balloon is gently inflated to expand and dilate the sinus passageways. When the balloon is deflated and removed, the passages remain open to restore normal sinus drainage.

Relieve - Balloon Sinuplasty procedure


This procedure takes about an hour, and patients experience a feeling of immediate relief. They can resume normal activities quickly, and are able to return to work within 24 to 48 hours.

Want an easy way to tell if you're a candidate for Balloon Sinuplasty? Try the Cottle Maneuver!

Place one or two fingertips on your cheeks on either side of your nose. Gently, press and pull outward. This temporarily opens the nasal valve. If doing this helps you inhale more easily through your nose, your nasal obstruction may be in your nasal valve. You may be a candidate for Balloon Sinuplasty - the minimally-invasive, in-office solution to nasal congestion.

Imagine taking a deep breath through your nose. You can enjoy the fresh air, the refreshing scents,  and the energy that only comes from being able to breathe again. You no longer have to suffer from nasal congestion or sinus issues, or rely on medication at-home remedies for temporary relief. You don’t have to risk an invasive surgery to find lasting solutions. Now there's a solution you can afford: Balloon Sinuplasty.

Cottle's Maneuver

It's time to change the conversation you have with your doctor about your sinus infection symptoms.

Constant facial pressure caused by sinus symptoms shouldn't be something you're forced to live with; neither should refilling prescriptions that provide little to no relief. You might be struggling with chronic sinusitis and you and your doctor are the key players in the search for resolution.

Find your starting point on the road to ending your sinus suffering by taking our easy quiz.

Discover What Your Symptoms Say About Your Condition

Take control of your future with a cost-effective solution.

Recovery time with balloon sinuplasty has been noted in some patient reviews as the best they’ve ever experienced, with most patients resuming activities in 24-48 hours after the procedure. Moreover patients that have undergone the balloon procedure report minimal side effects and few complications in post-op time.

Balloon Sinuplasty Cost

As balloon sinuplasty has proven itself to be a safe and effective solution for chronic sinus infections, insurance coverage has become widely accepted and continues to grow rapidly. Because it is done in the doctor’s office, it generally has lower out-of-pocket costs for the patient. Contact our team to discuss your options for payment with our office.

If your chronic sinus infections have left you dealing with headaches, lack of sleep, loss of productivity, and overall discomfort, contact us today to see if Balloon Sinuplasty could be your answer.

The Patient Experience...

Great doctor and staff! The staff is excellent so nice to me and helpful and Dr. Stewart is very good. He spent time with me and [he's] very detailed. He didn't just rush me out of the office.

Been to multiple ENT doctors in the area and none of them were as thorough as Dr. Stewart. He walked me through my scan, showed me the inside of my nose and most importantly gave me some real solutions! Highly recommend.

Great Experience! We were seen immediately though we had never been before. The nurses were so helpful and Dr. Stewart was quick and funny. I am so thankful!

Five Stars! Big thank you and very grateful to Dr. Stewart and his staff who promptly treated me.

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